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Bezeichnung Typ Hersteller
RemoteExec Remote Control Tool ISDecisions
OS Installation Gefahr
WIN XP Installed through EXE Low Risk


Symptome :
Drastic diminution of the work load related to updating your systems.Elimination of all manual interventions and installations planned outside of working hours.Improved reactivity.Help toward your information systems compliance.Free to download.

Technische Beschreibung:
IS Decisions, founded in 2000 and based in Biarritz (France), is a software editor specializing in Security and Change Management solutions for Microsoft« Windows« infrastructures. The software solutions developed by IS Decisions: are used worldwide and on a daily basis by more than 1,300 clients of all sizes and in all business sectors.It provide security by providing network administrators with the tools necessary for proactive system auditing and analysis, enhanced patch / application / data deployment and system action, network access security, management and reporting, sensitive data and process monitoring and enhanced alert triggering.
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