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Bezeichnung Typ Hersteller
AdwareSpy Adware AdwareSpy
OS Installation Gefahr
WIN XP Installed through EXE Low Risk


Symptome :
Detects and removes spyware, adware, malware, trojans, keyloggers, trackware, and hijackers Advanced feature allows you to eliminate virtually all browser hijackers, adware and spyware! Active Monitoring continuously monitors and protects your PC from browser infections and ad/spyware Immunize your system to protect against hundreds of known web-browser hijackers and ActiveX threats Receive timely live updates of new threats as they become available Customized and deep scans allow you to thoroughly check your PC for infections

Technische Beschreibung:
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\Backup
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\Disabled
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\Media
C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\AdwareSpy

C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\AdwareSpy.chm (997697 Bytes, Compiled HTML Help file)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\AdwareSpy.dll (226816 Bytes, Application Extension)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\AdwareSpy.ini (543 Bytes, Configuration Settings)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\AdwareSpy4.exe (882176 Bytes, Application)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\allowedlist.lst (0 Bytes, LST File)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\deniedlist.lst (0 Bytes, LST File)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\dp.xml (2382727 Bytes, XML Document)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\HookProcessCreation.dll (57344 Bytes, Application Extension)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\prefs.dat (639 Bytes, DAT File)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\Reference.dat (1533565 Bytes, DAT File)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\unins000.dat (1931 Bytes, DAT File)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\unins000.exe (75922 Bytes, Application)
C:\\Program Files\\AdwareSpy\\Media\\unidentified.jpg (1520 Bytes, JPEG Image)
C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\AdwareSpy\\AdwareSpy.lnk (635 Bytes, Shortcut)
C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\AdwareSpy\\Help Manual.lnk (630 Bytes, Shortcut)
C:\\Documents and Settings\\Sapna\\Desktop\\AdwareSpy.lnk (623 Bytes, Shortcut)
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