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Bezeichnung Typ Hersteller
Buzzy P2P File Sharing Adware SurfAccuracy
OS Installation Gefahr
WIN XP Installed through EXE Moderate Risk


Symptome :
  • Scan through thousands of IP Addresses per hour looking for open shares!
  • Use the IP Address search engine to find IP Addresses by keyword or region!
  • Automatically saves a list of all the shares found!
  • Download shares that other users have found using the built in Share Trade !
  • Flags shares that match our search keywords!
  • Browse through shares on remote computers, using Windows Explorer, with the click of a button!
  • Built in search engine lets we search for files on remote computers just like you are sitting in front of them!

  • Technische Beschreibung:
    SurfAccuracy allows advertisers to target consumers based on their surfing behavior. The result is targeted contextual popup advertising producing cost effective results. Its online manager gives advertisers complete control over cost, targets and geography. Although it monitor how SurfAccuracy is promoted and distributed by its affiliates and distribution channels, it is not impossible that some abusive practices are taking place.
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